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At Motive Action, we teach unemployed people the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in the workplace. We work with people from all backgrounds between the ages of 18 and 30.

Our goals for our trainees are straightforward: to help them to gain the work skills and the confidence necessary to create long-term benefits for themselves, their families and their communities. From our perspective, being successful means more than being able to fix a car or weld; it is equally important to care about how you relate to others and your role as a good member of your family and community.

Motive Action Training Foundation has been helping unemployed people since 1985. We are a Calgary-based non-profit training organization with charitable status. Every year, Motive Action provides employment training, work experience, and life management instruction for over 100 students. Our work is made possible with the help of funding provided by the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada.

Motive Action’s practical and goal-oriented training is delivered in a caring environment. We enable unemployed people to upgrade their qualifications, improve their essential life management skills and actively engage with industry employers to begin careers in the trades.

Our success lies in the success of our students. We value and respect the intrinsic worth of all our students, at all times striving to safeguard their rights and dignity. We value and encourage a dynamic and professional work site free from prejudice and harassment in which we can effectively deliver high quality, professional programs and services.

For both students and staff, Motive Action values and promotes life-long learning. Our decisions always focus on what is in the best interest of our trainees. We believe in fostering an environment in which divergent opinions can be respectfully heard, honest communication occurs, and demonstrations of initiative and leadership take place.

Our mission and goals