Safety Landing Page

Motive Action Training Foundation was formed in 1985 to help young people begin careers in the trades. An important part of Motive Action's instruction is focused on teaching our students how to work safely. Safety is a priority because, as Alberta Government records indicate:

- Workers with less experience are more likely to be injured than those with a year or more of experience.

- Workers under the age of 25 are more likely to be injured on the job than older workers.

To ensure students learn how to work safely, Motive Action, a SECOR-certified "Partnerships in Injury Reduction Partner",   

- is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace that complies with Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws. 

and it is the Law!

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation is the law that helps protect a worker's health and safety at work. It focuses on keeping the workplace safe and healthy for you, others you work with and your employer.

As a worker, the OHS law requires you to work safely and co-operate with your employer by following the health and safety rules for the job.

The law also has specific health and safety requirements you must follow. For example, you are required to use a safety harness or similar equipment when doing certain kinds of work, and you must use personal protective equipment, such as safety boots, safety glasses, ear plugs and hard hat, when necessary.

For workers the Occupational Health and Safety Act – Worker’s Guide explains Alberta's OHS Act.


Motive Action is a SECOR-certified "Partnerships in Injury Reduction Partner"  follows the act by:

- setting targets for OHS improvement and measures, appraises and reports performance.

- working with contractors and employers that support these goals in their own facilities

- including workplace health, safety and environmental performance in the appraisal of all staff and rewards accordingly

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