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Employers want young workers who 1) are responsible, 2) want to learn and, 3) can work with others. These are abilities that take time to acquire. Placement helps prepare students for the work world by teaching them the things they need to know in a realistic work environment. 

By providing work placements to Motive Action students, you can help a young person begin their career and you can gain access to a motivated, cost-effective labour resource with skills, knowledge and fresh ideas. Placement allows students to link theory and practice by providing much needed practical work experience.

Please check out the employer training agreement package for a comprehensive description of the process, agreements and requirements.

For a listing of the employers who are involved see work experience & job placement.

The importance of work experience

The Work Experience Component provides realistic on-the-job training for Motive Action students. The students and the employers benefit from being part of a properly managed placement process.

  • Students get valuable work experience and feedback on their performance, plus gain references as well as potential future employment possibilities
  • Employers get to try out a potential employee, as well as contributing to the education of future generations within the trades community, without having to hire.  

Expectations of the employer and the student

Motive Action staff work hard to meet the expectations of the student and the employer. All students complete a pre-screening process before being placed with an employer. Placements are arranged by considering the students' work skills, academic standing, and punctuality and attendance at Motive Action. This process ensures the employer is getting a student with the required qualifications and the student is provided with a good opportunity to learn and develop work skills.

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