Employer testimonials

Jim Gillespie • Executive Manager, CMDA

"The Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA) is pleased to support Motive Action. Formed in 1951, the CMDA has 75 member dealers employing over 5,000 people in Calgary. In order to continue to provide services in a very fast growing city, there is a constant requirement for trained workers. Motive Action has been able to supply workers to a significant number of our dealerships.

Our industry requires entry-level people with some basic training to help them to integrate efficiently into the workforce. Almost half of our members provide training opportunities and employment for Motive Action graduates on an ongoing basis. We know that without those opportunities for the training of young workers, our industry will not be able to meet the demands of future growth. We wish you well with your program."

Fred McFee • Branch Manager, Trailer Wizards (H.D. Trailer)

"Trailer Wizards has had the good fortune to work with Motive Action for well over 15 years now. It seems were always looking for good entry level people that want to learn about what we do. Motive Action is now on our first call list because we can work with one of their students who comes in with some training and if they do well we will offer them a position in our company. We have had many students come through our doors and have offered employment to many. At this moment we have 1 journeyman technician and 3 apprentices that have come from Motive Action. Our support of Motive Action will continue."

Dennis Aberle • Service Manager, Stampede Toyota

"What can I say, Motive Action has been so great to deal with for well over 15 years now. We must have over ½ dozen employees currently working for us that have come through Motive Action. One former student is now employed as a senior service writer, another 2 students have now become journeyman technicians and still 3 more have begun their journey towards their apprenticeships. We are definitely looking forward to another 15 years with Motive Action."

Cindy Stitch • Service Manager, Glover International Trucks

“Glover has been providing work experience and job opportunities to Motive Action students for over 20 years. The Motive Action training program has provided great workers who have the basics to start in any shop and provide back up if and when issues arise. From the Motive Action program we currently employ 3 Journeyman Technicians, a 4th year Apprentice now studying at SAIT to achieve his Journeyman status, and 2 Apprentices. When looking for entry-level staff, Motive Action is one of the first places I call.”

Todd Robinson • General Manager, KBR Ltd.

“Over the past ten years Motive Action has supplied us with a variety of different people for our organization. We have worked with many of their students and currently we have four of them in full time positions. We have been surprised by the talents of a few of them and they have come to be valued employees in our company. While the majority of their students are entry level personnel, with some hands on training and proper guidance a lot of these students are diamonds in the rough. I have come to appreciate Motive Action for their training program and work with ones who desire a chance to prove who they really are. I look forward to continuing to do our part as an employer to what we can do to support the students of Motive Action.”

Tom Thul • Production Manager, Retrofit / Enerflex Ltd. (welding)

"We started using Motive Action’s services last July, when we met with Denis Foisy the placement officer and Eddy  from Group 18. After a brief meeting and a tour we decided to give Eddy a try for his first work experience. We were impressed with Eddy’s performance. He had a great attitude and work ethic. We invited Eddy back and after a few weeks offered him a full time position. We have since hired a second excellent student from Motive Action’s welding program. There is a great need for welders and Motive Action will help us find the skilled entry level people were going to need. We will continue our support."

Shiraz Somji • Owner / Manager, All Makes Auto Repair

“Motive Action and All Makes Auto Repair have worked together since 1990. In that time we have provided work experiences for at least a dozen or more students and we’ve been able to provide employment for eight individuals. The students come with prior training and some with more experience which definitely helps when entering our work environment. Currently, we employ three Motive Action graduates; one is a Journeyman seeking his Red Seal Designation; another is a second year Apprentice; and the third is a recent Motive Action graduate who has been with us for six months. We always look forward to working with Motive Action's graduates and will continue to do so whenever they need us or we need them.”

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