Motive Action Success Story: Anthony

Jul 22, 2019
Motive Action Anthony success story

Instructor Kevin Lychak presents Anthony with his Motive Action Scholarship.

Anthony previously worked in Oil and Gas throughout western Canada, but found there is little room for future job growth in today’s economy. He applied to Motive Action to explore options in the automotive industry, and the hands-on portion further motivated him to apply.

“The best change I’ve encountered on my journey so far after completing Motive Action is having consistency. Previously, working in Oil and Gas there was absolutely no stability.  Not knowing if work was coming up was a huge stress. Not knowing if I’d be able to make rent was even more stressful.  Now I know how much and when I’ll get paid and am able to plan accordingly.”

Anthony had this to say about the Motive Action Scholarship. “This scholarship means that I’ll be capable of purchasing new tools to complete my job and have the peace of mind of not having to go broke to get where I want to be.”


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