Motive Action Success Story: Gharbanali

Sep 23, 2019
Motive Action Gharbanali success story

Gharbanali accepts his scholarship from instructor Jennifer Farrand.


Before Gharbanali attended Motive Action, he worked in a restaurant for 30 hours a week at $10/hr.  “There was definitely no future, no improvements and no better wage,” he said about the job.

“Motive Action was the best thing that happened to me.  It opened the path for a better future with a steady job and new automotive skills.” Now that he is settled in a full time Auto Body Apprenticeship position at a dealership, he notes feeling “confident to get involved in the trade that I truly love to work in...  Working in this trade [creates] a good feeling with great colleagues and a better future.”

Gharbanali had this to say about being presented with the Motive Action Scholarship. “This scholarship encourages all the students and apprentices to work harder in their respective trades.”


We're excited to be part of your new career path, Gharbanali! Are you an Albertan currently underemployed? Find out if you qualify for Motive Action's training programs.