Motive Action Success Story: Jack

Jan 27, 2020
Motive Action Jack Success Story

Jack is pleased to receive his scholarship from Program Director Mike Hansen.

Before attending our program, Jack held down a couple of jobs. “I was working as a security guard for 40 hours/week and my hourly pay was $14 in a seasonal job for six months. At the same time, I was working in customer service part time.”  Jack didn’t think there was a future in either position.

Jack chose to study Heavy Duty Entry-level Trades Training for the opportunity to get work experience and a job. “I was at a career planning session when I heard about the Motive Action program. So I decided to change my career from accountant to be a heavy duty mechanic because I saw that there is much opportunity to find a job and build my future. .. it gave me all the skills that I need for this job. Also, it was the reason [I got] my current job at [a local school bus company]. It was like a big hand helped me to find a career. “

We are happy to help Jack on his continued journey to become a certified HET!

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