Motive Action Success Story: Tyler

Oct 15, 2019
Motive Action Tyler success story

Tyler accepts his Scholarship from Program Director Mike Hansen.

Tyler worked part-time jobs at minimum wage, and felt there was no future for advancement before he attended the Motive Action program as an automotive student.

“It gave me a hands-on learning experience in a field I was interested in, as well as an opportunity for work,” Tyler said about the program.

Reflecting on his life now as an AST Apprentice working full time in an Automotive shop, Tyler had this to say.  “I’ve gained the skills to continue to be employed, working a job I enjoy. I also have the opportunity to go to school [at SAIT] to improve even further.”

Thanks for sharing  your story with us, Tyler! The Motive Action Apprenticeship Admission Scholarship is awarded to graduates who have successfully signed up for a recognized trade apprenticeship in the Province of Alberta. Learn more about the scholarship here.