Motive Action Success Story: Yonnas

Jan 20, 2020
Motive Action Yonnas Success Story

Yonnas and instructor Kevin Lychak share a smile as Yonnas accepts his scholarship.

Yonnas was keen to attend Motive Action in the Automotive Entry-level Trades Training program “to get work experience and a job and also to improve language and numeracy [skills].”

Reflecting on the things that changed in his life since completing the program, he said, “first, I could get a job to support myself and also build a career . . . After I completed Motive Action, I had enough basic work experience to get hired.”

He was happy to receive the Motive Action Scholarship to help with school expenses. Good luck in your continued studies, Yonnas!

Did you know that the Motive Action scholarship is just one of the available financial assistance programs for our students and graduates? Learn more here.