Financial assistance & scholarships

program financial assistance

The program is provided free of charge to eligible Albertans. All you need to provide are steel-toed boots and coveralls.

Motive-Action programs are free to eligible applicants. Subsidies to cover living costs may be available. Currently, there are two forms of subsidy available:

  • Employment Insurance
  • Alberta Works – Income Support for Learners

For more information about your eligibility or available funding, please contact Motive Action.

Employment Insurance

People who are receiving Employment Insurance benefits can continue receiving their benefits to the end of their benefit period while taking the Motive-Action program. Additional funding may be available.

Alberta Works – Income Support for Learners

This form of funding is for low-income Albertans who cannot qualify for Employment Insurance. The funding does not have to be paid back if you meet program obligations. The amount of the funding varies depending on individual situations. More information on this funding assistance is available on the Alberta Human Services website.

Motive-Action Apprenticeship Admission Scholarship

The Motive-Action Apprenticeship Admission Scholarship (MAAS) is a $500 financial award which is presented to Motive-Action graduates who are successful in getting “signed up“ to begin a recognized trade apprenticeship in the Province of Alberta.

To qualify you must be a Motive-Action graduate who has registered in a recognized trade apprenticeship in the previous 12 months.  The applicant should demonstrate financial need on the application form. 

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