Program elements

program program elements

Motive Action offers a full time 24-week pre-apprenticeship training program. This program is designed to help you successfully enter the work force in the Auto Service, Auto Body, Heavy Duty, or Welding and Metal Fabrication trades.

As a Motive Action student, you will receive 12 weeks of on-site training and 12 weeks of work experience with an employer. Successfully completing the program will provide you with the relevant knowledge, key skills and practical experience necessary to succeed in the trades.

Motive Action’s full-time 24-week program includes:

  • Shop and classroom instruction at Motive Action's fully equipped training facility
  • Up to 12 weeks work experience with an employer in the trade
  • Job placement on graduation

Please check out  Motive Action program outline for a comprehensive description of the topic areas and timelines.

By taking Motive Action's personalized training, you will:

  • Learn to safely handle the tools and equipment of the trade
  • Develop life management skills
  • Practice the math and English necessary to do the job
  • Discover the mechanics theory behind the job
  • Be more productive
  • Start on the road to a successful and rewarding career

Programs start approximately every five weeks with group sizes of 8-12 people.

Work experience & job placement